3com NBX 100


3Com Corporation has built a powerful telecommunications solution, the NBX 100 Communications System, that provides a feature-rich, cost-effective means for growing businesses to consolidate both voice and data on one network infrastructure, providing a single point of browser-based administration and management. NBX network-based telephony delivers improved productivity and seamless scalability to small and mid-size organizations, large enterprises, and remote offices. The NBX 100 delivers popular features such as a multi-line business telephone set with Caller ID, Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, LAN/WAN connectivity, and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) built into every reliable system.

The NBX 100 Communications System, is a fully-integrated voice and data solution offering all the functionality of the most advanced telephone systems, but operates over the same 10Base-T Ethernet cabling as most data networks, thereby eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining two separate cabling infrastructures for voice and data. The NBX operates in Shared 10Base-T Ethernet environments and is also compatible with Switched Ethernet and 100Base-T Ethernet networks. The NBX 100 does not depend on or even require PC servers or desktop PC clients; in fact, every PC on the network can stop functioning entirely and the NBX 100 will continue to provide reliable and full-functioning telephone communications. The NBX 100 operates in any network operating system (NOS) environment and supports telephone software applications written for existing telephony application programming interfaces (APIs).


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