CallAnalyst is the industry’s fastest growing call tracking and management solution for small to mid-sized businesses. It is installed in thousands of firms, to track and analyze telephone traffic, spot excess usage problems, and provide opportunities for operational improvements. CallAnalyst is an easy-to-use, graphically oriented software package that allows you to record phone usage, analyze phone calls, and cut costs. With Caller ID service from your phone company you can even track who is calling you. CallAnalyst accurately tracks the date and time of both inbound and outbound calls. Click here to see the Flash Demo.


Our call management system will accurately determine your business phone usage, traffic, and duration of calls. Out flexible billing reports will allow you to quickly calculate phone usage and cost by client, by tenants or by partner. A single report will generate a complete bill or invoice, saving you hours of time in manually preparing your invoices. CallAnalyst is the ideal tool to help you understand sales productivity and the effectiveness of marketing programs, allowing you to correlate revenues to sales and marketing programs.

CallAnalyst has a powerful reporting module that lets you quickly generate detailed or summary reports, measure productivity, track local and long distance usage and monitor phone traffic. We provide you with over 50 standard reports to choose from, which will let you look at your telephone traffic data in multiple ways.


  • Track real-time phone usage for incoming and outgoing calls

  • Monitor customer service traffic and productivity

  • Measure telemarketing and inside sales productivity

  • Provide billing reports for clients

  • Report on network and multi-site environments

  • Wide array of call reports that can be customized

  • Call costing and rate tables

  • Fraud monitoring

  • Automatic scheduling of reports and data archiving

  • Analyze / Manage the phone switch from any computer on the LAN

  • From multiple phone switches from each switch or site

  • With time and billing software packages such as Carpe Diem® and Timeslips®

  • Contact information from Microsoft Outlook, and Goldmine

  • Prevents unauthorized access

  • Protects the security of an application

  • Set up and test communication to the phone switch


  • Extended reporting capabilities

  • Trunk Usage — Analyze number of phone lines in use at any given period of time

  • Call Detail by Contact – List contact names and locations by city and state for each call

  • Call Detail by Country Codes – Group international calls by extensions to easily determine origin

  • Total Costs by Extension – Summarize important billing costs used by contractors, tenants, etc


We integrate with nearly every manufacturer in the market. See our SUPPORTED SYSTEMS for a complete list of the switches we run with.


  • PC with Pentium II Processor

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 250 MB of free hard disk space

  • Not necessary to separate dedicated PC

  • VGA monitor 800 X 600 res. (recommended SVGA 1024 X 768)

  • Windows (95/98/Me, NT-SP 3 or later, 2000, XP)

  • 80 MB of free hard drive space

  • CD-ROM drive (if using CD for installation)

  • Available serial port and RS-232 cable (if data source is a serial connection to PBX)

  • Printer (if required to print reports)

  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later

  • (SQL Server 2000 for CallAnalyst Enterprise).

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