In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to more effectively improve the bottom line and keep pace with market demands. To achieve these objectives and remain competitive, companies are focusing on ways to enhance customer services and product quality, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

One of the most powerful means for achieving these goals is through the automation of repetitive or routine activities using interactive voice response (IVR) technology.

Interactive Intelligence’s EIC is a fully-integrated solution with Open IVR and is a stand-alone as well as integrated with PBX, ACD, Call Center, Fax Back, Web chat, Email, NetMeeting and many other standard based application. This system meets the needs of our non-integrated customers“Enterprise Interaction Center” IVR addresses business needs found in every industry today. EIC gives callers easy, round-the-clock access to a wealth of database information through their telephone keypads. It turns any telephone equipped with pushbutton tone dialing into a computer terminal. As a result, customer service representatives can be freed from handling routine requests, and the quality of customer communications can be improved without adding staff.


  • GUI Application Generator—Creating an editing application is as straightforward as pointing and clicking. To create an IVR application, icons or cells are dragged from the cell palette to the drawing board to create a call flow.

  • System Administration—Allows the installation, activation, or removal of an application without causing downtime or interruption of system operation. Administrators can also use the interface to manage the local information database.

  • Reports—EIC IVR offers unlimited detailed call reports such as call detail, trunk usage, transaction log, and channel usage—for effective system management.

  • Handlers—This interface gives an easy way to customize your application to fit your needs.


  • Health care—physician referral, appointment scheduling, test result reporting, appointment confirmation

  • Banking—account balance and interest rate inquiries, loan applications

  • Catalog sales—order entry, order status, inventory inquiries

  • Customer service—order status, service dispatch, product or repair information

  • Human resources—scheduling, benefits inquiries, employment opportunities

  • Education—university class registration, special event ticket purchases, tuition payments
  • Insurance—claims status, eligibility

  • Reservations—airlines, hotels, travel agencies


EIC IVR offers the following benefits:

  • Total integration with Meridian MAX, CCR, Meridian Link, and Meridian Mail

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for application development

  • Intelligent network interface provides CLID, DNIS,. and ANI

  • Sound reliability and quality of EIC voice processing

  • Increased efficiency of ports and storage through use of EIC Unified Messaging

  • Coordinated screen/call transfer to an ACD agent

  • Direct digital link through the EIC system to switch eliminates requirement for analog line cards


OPEN IVR is an important addition to the EIC interactive voice response (IVR) product portfolio. Its open architecture provides flexibility for increased functionality and the capability of working with both EIC and other legacy PBX switches.

With OPEN IVR, you can also choose from a variety of state-of-the-art technology, automated speech recognition, Web chat, Web call back, interactive fax, text-to-speech conversion, outbound dialing, mainframe communications, external database communications, and more—the choice is yours.

Applications utilizing these features are easily and efficiently developed using our Graphical User Interface (GUI) application generator.

OPEN IVR is the power of choice—a personalized solution returning maximum competitive advantages with minimum development investment and maximum flexibility.


  • Automated speech recognition—Gives your customers the convenience of spoken responses rather than manual input using the telephone keypad. Discrete and continuous speech recognition are supported. Both options provide speaker-independent voice recognition of digits 0-9, and the words “yes”, “no” and “oh” in multiple languages.

  • Interactive fax, fax-on-demand, and fax broadcasting—Interactive fax provides the caller with a faxed confirmation or record of the IVR transaction.

  • Text-to-speech conversion—The ability to convert a text file into speech allows you to offer dynamic services to your customers.

  • Multilingual support—OPEN IVR allows you to easily create applications that support multiple languages. In addition, the GUI application generator can be in the language of choice!


  • GUI Application Generator—Provides a state-of-the-art GUI environment for rapid application development.

  • Prompt Management—Allows creation, review, edit, installation, and deletion of voice prompts. An optional graphical voice prompt editor is also available for ease of editing.

  • System Management—Enables management of the entire OPEN IVR system.

  • Statistic Management—A complete portfolio of standard reports provides information on call detail, cell and trunk usage, subscriber information, and transaction logs.

  • Data Management—Allows creation and maintenance of simple flat-file databases.

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