Revolutionizing The Workplace

This Unique Little Device Has The Business World Talking

Some Meetings Just Happen.

On the spur of the moment, in hallways or elevators. Others are more formally “called” into being, in rooms specifically designed for a meeting of the minds. You know the kind — big table, big charts, big numbers and big ideas. So it’s time for the big meeting. There’s an agenda, a discussion, and a plan evolves.

Executive Summary

Compact and portable. Voicepoint Plus goes anywhere. It turns any desk or table into an open forum for discussion and decision making. It weighs in at less than two pounds, and is just 10.3 inches deep, 9.1 inches wide and 2.2 inches high.

Simple operation. The controls are simple to operate, and the unit can be used with or without an analog telephone set. Just connect an analog telephone line to the unit and it is ready to use.

Designed for user friendliness. Voice point plus’s high tech design enhances any desk, credenza or conference table. No matter where you place voicepoint plus, there is no need to huddle around it or talk ‘to’ it. The supersensitive microphones will not miss an audible remark from anywhere in the room.

Less expensive than lesser products. Voicepoint plus costs considerably less than other teleconferencing system that do not measure up in voice quality, conversational convenience, or features and functions.

Product Overview

For Meetings Of The Mind

The very word ‘teleconference’ makes some people cringe. That’s because conventional speakerphones actually inhibit, rather than enhance clear communication.

They deliver booming echo chamber voices, and occasionally, shrill feedback. Worse, they stifle spontaneity by permitting only one person at a time to speak, because the speakers old fashioned voice switching apparatus keeps shutting off to eliminate the howling. As it clips the first and last words of sentences, your meeting is reduced to a guessing game.

Digital signal processor

VoicePoint+ eliminates speaker-phobia. NEC’s unique digital signal processing technology actually cancels out conflicting echo and feedback signals. The original NEC voicepoint was the first compact, full duplex teleconferencing unit on the market.

The new VoicePoint+ enhances that proven technology by clearly defining interrupting, overlapping voices of several spontaneous conversations, just as if you and your associates are all in the same room.

And here’s something else. Voicepoint plus works in a wide range of room sizes or meeting areas. NEC has utilized this new technology enabling it to automatically adjust to the smallest office or the largest board room.

Its automatic acoustic adjustment, with manual fine tuning capability, delivering the finest sound quality across a spectrum of business environments.

And , for large scale teleconferencing needs, two voice point plus units can be teamed together without creating feedback.

Echo cancellation

With the VoicePoint+ echo cancellation feature, those annoying howling sounds and echoes do a disappearing act. The VoicePoint+ can continuously detect acoustic coupling noise. It then generates a signal that offsets the echo, and thus cancels it out.

Cost effectiveness

There’s no better or more cost-effective way than Voicepoint+ to bring your company’s teleconferencing operations completely up to date. Make it a part of your corporate communications and hear for yourself why VoicePoint+ has the whole business world talking.

Ease of use

VoicePoint+ works with existing analog phone lines. Just plug into a phone line using the supplied telephone cord and your in business.

Phone calls are made and answered using the convenient dial pad on the voice point plus unit in the standard operation mode. An analog telephone can be used with the VoicePoint+. No complicated wiring, no antennas, no separate microphones. Highly sensitive microphones are built into the four corners of the VoicePoint+ to pick up all audible comments.


Mute button

The MUTE button on the VoicePoint+’s keypad mutes the units microphones, ensuring that confidential comments are not heard at the other end. The convenient dialing pad on the unit allows it to be used without a telephone set in the standard operation mode. That means you can call directly to a telephone using only the keypad. You can also answer a call using voicepoint plus.

Options and Features

VoicePoint+ Options

Additional Extension Cable

Increases the distance between the wall telephone jack and VoicePoint+.

Bridge Connection

Provides for a wider range of teleconferencing by connecting two VoicePoint+ units together.

Recording Interface

Provides for connection to a recording device, so you can record important conversations.

VoicePoint+ Features

  • Direct calling to a telephone using the VoicePoint+ keypad

  • Answer a call using VoicePoint+

  • Can be used with or without an analog telephone set

  • Hands-free communication for several people

  • Compact and portable (weighs less than 2 lbs)

  • Can be used in a wide range of conference rooms or offices

  • Has a convenient MUTE function for private in-room conversations

  • Has a recording interface for recording important conversations

  • NEC’s echo cancellation feature decreases the echo and howling that can occur during traditional teleconferences

  • Has a FLASH key for transfers and third-party calling

  • Has silent automatic acoustic adjustment

Composition and Specifications

Basic Composition

  • VoicePoint+ Main Unit

  • AEC-50

  • AC Adapter

  • AEC-50-PU

  • VoicePoint Adapter

  • AEC-50-TL

  • 8-pin Modular Jack Cable

  • AEC-50-C3, 2 cables supplied

  • 8-pin Jack Cable Connector

  • 6-pin Modular Jack Cable

  • AEC-50-C2

  • User’s Manual


  • Line Interface

  • Analog public switched telephone line (dial pulse or push button) or analog PABX line

  • Audio Band

  • 300 to 3400 Hz

  • Transmit Level

  • -15dBm

  • Howling Control Method

  • Echo cancellation system

  • Power Requirement

  • AC 120V (using attached adapter), maximum 10W

  • Dimensions

  • 9.13″ W x 10.3″ D x 2.2″ H

  • Weight

  • 1.98 lbs.

  • Environmental Specs

  • Operating temperature of 41 deg. to 95 deg. F (5 deg. to 35 deg. C)

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