The quality of any communication system is only as good as its weakest link. If that weak link is your cabling system, communications with employees, customers and prospects can be interrupted. The quality and capacity of your cable plant become even more critical as your need to “transfer information” advances.

Transferring communications at 100 Mbps and faster requires flawless cable operations. If installed improperly, Category 5 and fiber-optic cable can be a potential weak link in your communications plan. For example, proximity to electro-magnetic interference (EMI) must be avoided. Our certified engineers design your cabling system to stringent industry standards (Electronics Industry Association and Telecommunications Industry Association). After the installation, our technicians test and document your cables to ensure proper performance and bandwidth required for today’s equipment and future growth.

Nextcom Cabling Services helps you achieve superior performance. Once we evaluate your specific needs, we will design a cabling plan, installs each component, and provides continuous support.

Nextcom provides the professional answer for your engineering and installation of voice, data, and fiber cabling networks. Our certified technical engineers ensure guidelines for ANSI/TIA/EIA -568 standards are composed, applied and delivered to industry specifications.

Nextcom high quality installations and manufacturer assisted design and application support allows our engineers to make sure our customers’ complex needs for voice, data, fiber cabling networks, service, adds, moves or changes are met.

Nextcom provides the following services:

Data Cabling

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) – Category 3 – Category 5, 4 Pair Cable – Patch Panel RJ45 – Stand Up Racks – Wall and Rack Mount Cabinets – Horizontal and Vertical Management – Patch Cords – Category Testing and Certification – Project Management

  • Fiber

  • Premise Data Networks – Fiber Optic, Multimode, SC, ST, Indoor – Outdoor – Multimedia Outlets – High Density Fiber Drawers – Wall or Rack Mounted Cabinets

  • Paging

  • Ceiling Speakers – Horns – Talk back – Zone Paging – Amplifiers – Music On Hold

  • Voice Cabling

  • PBX – Work Station – Prewiring – Relocations – Moves – Fax – Modem – Aerial/Burial – Campus – Feeder – Lighting Protection -Termination: 66M150 – 110 – Bics – Krone-Project Management

Media Type:

  • UTP Unshielded twisted pairs.

  • Category 1 & 2 cables and connecting hardware are not recognized as part of this category. Transmission characteristics are less than Category 3 and are not defined in standards.

  • Category 3 UTP cables and connecting hardware transmission characteristics are specific up to 16MHz. Typical Applications: 10Base-T , 4Mbps Token ring, 3-Com

  • Category 4 UTP cables and connecting hardware transmission characteristics are specific up to 20MHz. Typical Applications: 16 Mbps Token ring

  • Category 5 UTP cables and connecting hardware transmission characteristics are specific up to 100MHz. Typical Applications: used for voice and data transmission rates up to 100 Mbps.

  • Optical Fiber 62.5 um multimode and singlemode optical fiber.

  • ATM Asynchronous transfer mode. High bandwidth, high speed packet-like switching and multiplexing technique. Data rates up to 155Mbps.

Upon completion of the station outlets, all cable testing procedures will begin. All cable pairs will be tested end to end. All voice cable will be tested for continuity, potential grounds, shorts, and reversals. All category 5 data cables will be tested with a MicroTest Penta Scanner for 100 MHz compliance. If required, all test documents will be provided for company record.

All workstations, patch panel ports and terminations in the closet will be labeled with machine generated labels. No handwritten labels will be used.

Records shall be provided for all category 3 and category 5 cables. Information for each cable shall include workstation reference number, voice termination or patch panel/rack location and office number.