Chapter 5

Boss/Secretary Calling Do Not Disturb
Boss/Secretary Override Timed Reminder
Return Message Schedule Name Display
Privacy Release



    • Lift handset, press boss’ ringing line. Ask calling party to hold.
  • 0-32-2Press boss’ line again. Voice Call is automatically established.
  • Announce the call to the boss.If boss accepts call
  • Secretary replaces handset.
  • Boss lifts handset, presses flashing line.If boss refuses call
  • Secretary presses Transfer key to return to calling party.NOTE: Access to feature is based on data assignment.

Example: Station 2000 is boss, Station 2001 is secretary. Boss is connected to 2003. Incoming call on Outside line connects to secretary, but is intended for boss.


  • Lift handset to answer Outside line, ask caller to hold.
    • Press Boss’ line. Outside line is placed on hold, Boss hears burst of tone and Boss’ Answer key flashes.0-33-2Boss
    • Hears burst of tone, Answer key flashes.  LCD display indicates: Option 1
    • Boss presses Answer and converses with secretary. Outside line is placed on hold.
  • Secretary hangs up. Boss is connected to Outside line.
    • Boss can alternate between the two parties by pressing Answer.Option 2
    • Boss does not respond to burst of tone, secretary presses Transfer key.
  • Secretary is connected to Outside line.Option 3
    • Boss presses Answer and converses with Secretary. Outside line is placed on hold.
  • Secretary is return to Outside line.


  • Press SpeakerReceive dial tone.
  • Press DNDor dial DNDaccess code. LED lights.0-27-3To cancel
  • Press SpeakerReceive dial tone.
  • Press DND. LED goes out.

Example: Station 2000 wants to be reminded of a 9:00 a.m. meeting.


0-34-4To set

    • Press Speaker.
    • Press Timed Reminder key or dial Timed Reminder access code.
  • Dial the desired reminder time in military format, receive set tone.At 9:00 a.m. on the same day you will receive a reminder call. Upon answering you will hear music source if available.0-34-4To cancel
    • Press Speaker. Receive dial tone.
    • Press Timed Reminder key and # or dial Timed Reminder access code.
  • Receive set tone.
  • Press Speakerkey.


Example: D term Station B is engaged in a conversation, and allows Dterm Station A to enter the call in progress.

    • Station 2000, while engaged in conversation, presses Conf key. Conf key flashes.
    • Station 2001 lifts handset or presses Speaker.
  • Station 2001 presses the line appearance of Station 2000.
  • A three-way conference is established.

NOTE: With Display Dterm

Allows station user to register a return schedule when leaving the office and have the schedule display on the calling Dterm LCD.

To set

    • Station Speaker. Receive dial tone.
  • Dial Return Schedule access code.
  • Dial the number corresponding to desired message.















  • 0-36-1If 0 or 1: dial desired military time.
  • If 2 or 3: dial month and day.
    Example:  June 24=0624.
  • 0-36-2Receive dial tone.
  • Press Speaker.

0-34-2To cancel

    • Press Speaker. Receive dial tone.
  • Dial Return Message schedule cancel code.
  • Receive set tone.
  • Press Speaker.NOTE : Access to feature is based on data assignment.

NOTE: Display Dterm

A name with up to 8 characters can be entered to display the name on other Dterm telephones when making a call.

    • 0-37-1Press Speaker Receive dial tone.
  • Dial the Name Assignment access code and receive special dial tone.
  • Using the keypad, depress the key with the desired letter to display the first letter on the key. The display will indicate the numerical designation. Subsequent depressions will advance through the letters on that key. The following TABLE can be used as a guide to indicate the key and the number of depressions required to display numbers, letters, spaces and periods.
    • When the desired letter is displayed, depression of the Transfer key will change the letter to a lower case letter (default is upper case). Depress the Holdkey to enter that letter and advance to the next entry.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until the desired name is displayed and entered.
  • Press Speaker. 0-37-3For example, to enter “Paul”: