Chapter 4

Supervisory Call Direct Station Selection
Screening Call Park
Inter-Position Transfer Check-In & Check-Out


  •  Answer an incoming C.O. call.
  •  Dial the desired guest room or station number.
  •  Press SVC. Supervisory call is automatically set.
  •  Press LOOP the attendant is connected to the desired station.
  •  Press SVC. The attendant is released from the connection.
  •  When the guest room or station replaces the handset, the HOLD lamp on the LOOP flashes.


  • Answer an incoming call.
  •  Dial the guest room or station number; ringback tone is heard.
  • Press SCRN. RING/HOLD loop lamp lights.
  • The attendant is free to process other calls.
  • When guest room or station answers, ANSWER/ HOLD LOOP lamp flashes and the RING lamp is extinguished.
  •  Press LOOP.
  • Process the call in the normal manner.


  • Dial the desired console number.
  • The TF lamp flashes at the called console.
  • The called console presses TF to answer the call; the TF lamp remains lit.
  • The calling console presses RELEASE to disconnect.


Ten keys on the Hotel/Motel Attendant Console are provided for assignment as direct access keys to frequently called administrative or service stations.

  • Press an idle LOOP.
  • Press the desired DSS key (1 through 10).
  • Ring back tone will be heard.
  • Console displays tenant number, route restriction class and station number.


Attendant may park one call at a time against the individual extension number assigned to that console.

  • Press the CALL PARK key and hear Service Set Tone.
  • The call is parked against the individual extension number assigned to dial console illuminates.
  • Press the RELEASE or the CANCEL key.

NOTE 1: Any station may retrieve a parked call by dialing the remote retrieval code followed by the console extension number.

NOTE 2: Check with your system administrator to obtain the console extension number.


  • Press CHKIN; the associated lamp illiminates.
  • Dial the guest station number; the console displays the guest station information.
  • Press ENTER. The CHKIN lamp flashes.
  • Press EXIT. The lamp is extinguished.


  • Press CHKOUT. The associated lamp illuminates.
  • Dial the guest station number. The console displays the guest station number.
  •  Press ENTER. The CHKOUT lamp flashes.
  • Press EXIT. The lamp is extinguished.

NOTE: If an error is indicated, press CLEAR and begin from the second step.