Getting Started

Your Personal Greeting
The Conversation Has Four Parts

The first thing to do is call the system and personalize your voice mailbox. This will enable your mailbox and enroll you on the system as a subscriber. The system will ask you a few simple yes-and-no questions, allowing you to record your name, spell your name (if required), record your personal greeting, and set your security code.

Your system manager has assigned a Personal ID number to you. You will need this number when not calling the NEAXMAIL AD-16 from any phone but your own. As soon as you hear the system greeting, enter your Personal ID. This tells the system who you are and allows you to check messages or leave messages.

You should also set a security code that is known only to you. This prevents someone else from hearing your messages. You may change your security code as often as you like.

Your Personal Greeting

Callers hear your personal greeting before they leave you a message. For example:

“Hello, this is Pat Green. I can’t take your call at this time. Please leave a message.”

You can record and change your greeting from any touch-tone phone.

If you don’t record your own greeting, the system will greet callers with your name or extension number.

You can have two personal greetings, one for outside callers and one for internal callers.

To get started

  • Call the NEAXMAIL AD-16 main number.^Note:  Whenever there is a ^ in this user guide, it indicates you should enter your Personal ID if not at your own telephone.

The Conversation Has Four Parts

Whenever you call the NEAXMAIL AD-16, the system starts a conversation with you that has four basic actions

Check new messages

Leave messages

Review old messages

Change setup options