Welcome to NEAXMAIL AD-16

NEAXMAIL AD-16, Voice Processing is a simple yet powerful system that can greet your callers and record your messages. You’ll find it quick and easy to use.

With NEAXMAIL AD-16, you can control how your mailbox takes messages and plays them back. You can control how calls are transferred to you. And you can change these features whenever you like, from any touch-tone telephone.

It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3!
You don’t have to remember complex codes to use the any features of NEAXMAIL AD-16. Just pressnum2 for “Yes,” num2  for “No.” The NEAX MAIL AD-16 conversation leads you step-by-step through all your options with easy, yes-and-no questions.

If You Prefer Menus
If you prefer, your system manager can see you up for menu questions. You will then hear a series of quick option menus in place of the system’s yes-and-no questions.

If You Have Keypad Letters
NEAXMAIL AD-16 is flexible! If you have letters on your telephone keypad, you may send messages by spelling a name. Otherwise, you may send messages by entering an extension number.

Try It Now
Read through this guide to learn the basics of the NEAXMAIL AD-16 features. Or just try it and learn as you go. It’s that easy.