Menu Mode

The Main Menu Quick Key Sequences
Keys Used for Menus Quick Option Menu Chart

Some subscribers are accustomed to hearing a menu-based conversation when using voice mail. If you prefer menus, your system manager can set you up for menu operation. You will then hear a series of quick option menus in place of the system’s yes-and-no questions.

The Main Menu

The quick option menus have the same organization and features as was described for the yes-and-no conversation. The main Menu has four options: check new messages, leave messages, review old messages, and change setup options.

Keys Used for Menus

  • Use the num4through num7 keys on your telephone to choose options from the menus.
  • Pressnum3 to repeat the current menu options.
  • Press numstarto return to the Main Menu.
  • Pressnumlb to step back one level to the previous menu.

Quick Key Sequences

  • Check New Messagesnum4 .
  • Leave Messages num5 .
  • Review Old MessagesNum6 .
  • Change Setup Options num7.

Quick Option Menu Chart A complete chart of the system’s quick option menus can be viewed by following this.