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Welcome to the NEC NEAXMail™AD-8 digital voice mail system. This guide describes the system’s features and details the steps you need to take to make NEAXMail AD-8 a working partner in your day-to-day business. Throughout this guide, you will find numerous tips and shortcuts designed to help you get the most from NEAXMail AD-8.

Typical system operation is presented here.
Be sure to consult with your NEAXMail AD-8 System Manager for any special features or functions that may apply to your particular application.

Automated Attendant

The Automated Attendant serves as a receptionist, answering and routing incoming calls automatically. Callers hear an opening greeting for your company that gives them instructions and options. If a caller does not know the extension number, the Automatic Directory can route the call by the person’s name. When your extension is busy or you are not available to answer the call, NEAXMail AD-8 can connect the caller to your voice mailbox automatically.

Voice Mail Access

The NEAXMail AD-8 system can be accessed 24 hours a day from any touchtone telephone in or out of your office. Your System Manager has assigned a Personal ID number to you. You will need this number when calling the NEAXMail AD-8 from any phone but your own.

The Conversation

The NEC NEAXMail AD-8 system is based upon a conversation about your voice mailbox. Each time you enter your mailbox, you will be asked a series of questions relating to these topics:

  • Checking messages
  • Leaving messages
  • Reviewing/redirecting messages
  • Changing setup options

Answer questions with a simple reply by pressing fornum1 Yes or num2  for No. In addition, by entering Quick Key numbers, you may advance directly to a specific topic.

Setup Options

Once your mailbox has been opened, you may change various options, such as your Greetings, Message Groups, Transfer and Message Delivery Options and Personal Options.

Voice Mail Message Indication

Whenever there are new messages in your mailbox, an indication is provided at your telephone. In most cases, the Message Waiting Lamp is lit, however, you may also instruct NEAXMail AD-8 to call you at your home or pager.

Advance Dialing

At any time, you can “dial ahead” by entering a series of responses, even before hearing the entire question, to advance directly to the desired section of your voice mailbox quickly.

Disconnecting from Voice Mail

When you have completed your voice mail session, press numstarnumstarnumstarto immediately disconnect the NEAXMail AD-8 system. As an alternative, you will be given the option to return to your mailbox, access Setup Options or exit voice mail and dial an extension, if desired, after accessing various NEAXMail AD-8 operations.

Quick Transfer Feature

The NEC NEAXMail AD-8 system simplifies message taking by allowing you to transfer a call directly to a user’s voice mailbox where they will hear the personal greeting and be prompted to leave a message.

Live Record Feature

The Live Record feature is used to record a conversation in progress and then direct it
to your own or another user’s mailbox.

Additional Information

Refer to your NEAX®2000 IVS Telephone User Guide and consult your NEAXMail AD-8 System Manager for additional information on telephone and voice mail operation.