Message Playback

Main Menu

num4 To check new messages

num5 To leave a message

Num6 To review old messages

num7To change setup options

Keypad Shortcuts

num7num4num5 To switch personal greetings

num7num5num4 To add a message group

num7num5num5 To edit a message group

num7num5Num6To list your message groups

num7num4To change call transfer options

num7num7num4 To change your security code

num7num7num5 To change your recorded name

num7num4num1 To turn call transfer on

num7Num6num4num2To turn call transfer off

num7Num6num4num1num4 To change the telephone number for call transfer

num7Num6num4num1num5 To turn call screening options on or off

num7Num6num4num1Num6 To turn call holding on or off