Leather Carrying Case

The Dterm PSII case offers a glove fit to maintain the feel of the handset and provides a quick release belt clip atachment that includes a unique 360 degrees swivel clip, allowing the handset to move out of the way as you move and sit. Spare swivel clips are available.a_Cases

Weather-Proof Case

Weather-proof, sealed case enables you to use the PSII outdoors and still be in touch.

Spare Battery

Dterm PSII’s unique lithium battery provides long battery life, (up to 500 hours, on standby). A spare battery can be charged and ready for those “on-the-go”.

Headset Options

There are two headset options for the Dterm PSII. The first is a classic banded headset with microphone extension. The second is an ear bud type with an in-line microphone. The banded headset is typically used in cases of prolonged active use (e.g. customer service agent), while the ear set is for occasional use or where concealment is desired (e.g. hotel security).


Adjustable necklace (from 23″ to 42″) to provide security from dropping the handset while, for example, carrying it in a lab coat pocket.

Modem Cable

The Dterm PSII Modem Cable connects to your laptop modem to provide “computing on-the-go”. The cable uses the headset jack of the Dterm PSII and supports speeds up to 19.2kbps.

PC Software

The Dterm PSII delivers a wide range of productivity features to the mobile user. Many find the PSII’s 100-name directory entries and 20-name speed dial entries indispensable. With the Windows™ based software you can copy names and numbers from your desktop organizer into the Dterm PSII. The software can also “back up” your phone to protect your Directory and Speed Dial entries from loss.

There are two versions available: Dterm PSII Personal Assistant and the Dterm PSII Group Assistant. The Group Assistant is designed to centrally manage and maintain Directory and Speed Dial entries for an entire workgroup. The PSII Interface cable connects to the PC serial port and the PSII programming/Digital Data Port.

Gang Charger

In addition to the new Dterm PSII charger we have added an option for a Gang Charger. The Gang Charger base unit comes with a single AC Power Adapter supporting up to 8 Dterm PSII charging units. This means no more cumbersome array of power strips accommodating multiple chargers. To address the flexibility of different size working groups, you configure each base unit with the number of chargers needed (from 1-8). The Gang Charger is perfect for “Wireless Workgroups” like nurse stations, warehouses, etc.