a_symbols_1 To view digit overflow to the left.
symbols_2 Off-hook, indicating the Dterm is off-hook.
 symbols_3 Signal strength, indicating strength or weakness of signal being received.  The antenna picture display illuminates as the phone powers up, indicating that the phone can make a call.
symbols_4 Envelope indicates user has at least one voice mail message.
symbols_5 Keylock status illuminates when keylock is on.
symbols_6 Illuminated ANS indicates that Auto Answer is active.
symbols_7 Battery indicates charge level.  The line indicates weak charge.  Battery without line indicates strong charge.
symbols_8 Illuminated V indicates that incoming call vibration notification is active.
symbols_9 Illuminated S indicates that incoming ring volume is silent.
 * Mode 2 features are only available on NEAX2000 IVS Series 1900 siftware ir B?eax2400 IMX Series 7300 software & Dterm PSII Version 7.00/Zone Transceiver Version 5.00 software or later.