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Now more than ever, businesses depend on advanced telecommunications equipment to help them manage their operations and be successful. As a recognized leader in voice processing systems, Toshiba is dedicated to providing its customers with telecommunication solutions that meet the changing demands of today’s small to large business environments.


The Stratagy system from Toshiba is an affordable voice processing system that delivers exceptional performance and flexible, easy-to-use features. By putting the power of the Stratagy system to work for you, your company will improve employee efficiency, effectiveness, and overall company responsiveness. It puts an end to missed calls, a missed messages and missed opportunities, enhancing customer service and internal communications. Some Stratagy systems offer fax integration capabilities, such as Fax Back, Fax on Demand and Fax Mail that enable you to provide customers with information about your company immediately while actually saving you time and money. Which ever Stratagy system you choose, you’ll realize significant cost savings while improving productivity.


How well your operation handles each and every incoming call determines how your company is perceived by the customers, clients and suppliers you depend on to be successful. The Stratagy system assists you in managing your incoming calls effectively by providing your customers with the immediate attention, responsiveness and access they demand. With its sophisticated call processing and voice mail capabilities, the Stratagy system gives your callers the helpful, user-friendly features and options they need. In addition to leaving a private message if their party is unavailable, the caller has a choice to hold or be automatically sent to a designated live assistant who can help them. Best of all, these and other choices are flexibly scheduled for around the clock operation.

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How effectively your employees communicate can be just as important as how they communicate with your customers. With the Stratagy system, your people will be able to create, send, receive, review and save voice messages from any tone-dialing telephone. They can even attach comments to a message and forward it to another mailbox within the system. So whether they’re in the office or out in the field, the Stratagy system allows them to communicate effectively with each other and your customer–24-hours a day, 365 days a year. By giving your employees a more efficient way to communicate, the Stratagy system makes any organization run smoother and more efficiently.


Stratagy gives you several complete systems to choose from, all developed by Toshiba. Since Stratagy is extremely flexible and expandable, it can easily meet your needs. And because the Stratagy voice processing system is from a single manufacturer, upgrades and improvements can usually be incorporated into your existing system quickly and inexpensively. Stratagy systems may be integrated with Toshiba telephone systems, as well as non-Toshiba telephone systems. And because the Stratagy is from Toshiba, you can count on its quality and reliability for years to come.


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Toshiba has become the 18th largest company in the world by supplying companies with superior telephone equipment like the Stratagy system. The Stratagy voice processing system, like every business telecommunications product we design, manufacture and sell, is engineered to meet our exacting standards for quality, reliability and performance. With over $54 billion in annual sales worldwide, we’ve become a recognized leader in high-quality voice processing systems that companies can depend on to help them be successful in today’s ever-changing, competitive business environment.