If you are switching your business phone provider, you need your phone vendor’s assistance in every step of the process.


John from Doe and Associates called yesterday and he was very anxious. He said they had switched their phone service from AT&T to Comcast about a week ago and as of today their phones are not working. They had a Comcast technician come and check their connection and he said this is an issue with phone system and not the lines.


We dispatched a technician to identify what is causing this issue. It turned out that the lines were fine and phones were fine, too. Problem was that Comcast delivered wrong equipment. In a more technical language the Comcast’s gateway was suitable for analog lines, however John’s phone system had a PRI card. It was working for the first week, because they were still using the AT&T network connection, but the day their numbers were ported, phones stopped working. Now, it is two weeks that Doe and Associate’s phones are not working; because switching equipment is not a fast and easy option.


As a business person, you might be contacted by phone providers’ re-sellers every day, being offered with inexpensive solutions that will cut your monthly costs or offers better features. This is fantastic! But please have this in mind, every time you want to switch, you need to hire a phone system specialist. Phone vendor should be in the process of the new orders, to make sure the equipment that carrier is installing and the configurations match with your phone system capabilities. Also, on scheduled switch over date, you will need phone vendor technician, to be onsite and connect your phone system to carriers’ device and run all necessary tests and do possible programming.

Do not believe: “you won’t need to pay extra bucks only for switching a connection, we will take care of it at no charge!” It is true, but the consequences are on you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call @ 310-360-1000.

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