Lingo is the voice messaging system for organizations that have between 10 and 100 employees who frequently use the telephone. Developed by Active Voice, the world’s leading manufacturer of PC-based voice processing systems, Lingo is easy to use and it has the flexibility and power to fit into any work environment.

Organizations can begin using Lingo almost immediately. A designated system manager assigns the voice mailboxes, records the opening greeting, establishes the system schedule, and chooses a number of initial options. Individual subscribers within the company then set up their own voice mailboxes. And Lingo is ready to go.

Lingo is available in two models, Lingo and Lingo XL. Lingo can expand from 2- to 4-ports and from 2 to 4 hours of storage. Lingo XL, our hard disk version of Lingo, can expand from 4- to 6- to 8-ports, all which come with 72 hours of storage. Please note that Lingo cannot upgrade to Lingo XL.


Lingo is a powerful communications tool at an affordable price. Active Voice designed Lingo to provide feature-rich voice mail without breaking an organization’s communications budget. We’ve put a lot of power and sophistication into one small, easy-to-use product. Lingo’s features can be divided into two general categories: voice mail and automated attendant.


Detailed information about Lingo & Lingo XL’s features.
Download the Lingo General Description now. (PDF 93K)
Download the Lingo XL General Description now. (PDF 93K)


Learn how Lingo or Lingo XL can help your business communicate better.
Download the Lingo Customer Guide now. (PDF 157K)
Download the Lingo XL Customer Guide now. (PDF 157K)

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