Phone Carrier and Choice of Service Consultation
Over the years, we have helped our clients choose from local and long distance telephone companies.

We will work as a consultant to select the right products and services to help you concentrate on your core business. Often we have helped clients save up to 20% on their monthly phone and internet bills.

Important Factors in Network and Carrier Consultation:

  • Cost containment
  • Future Capacity Planning
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Support

We help our clients choose to from:

  • PRI Lines,
  • Analog,
  • Digital,
  • and Hosted Solutions including VoIP and SIP Trunking.

Recently, many of our customers choose to move their in house on premise PBXs with Analog, Digital and PRI lines to fully cloud based solutions. This is happening mainly due to lower costs of material and maintenance, extended warranties and greater features and functionalities. With Voice over IP services, you can have a better service, at much lower monthly rates with numerous inexpensive features that are costly with the traditional PBXs only if available.

Attention when you are switching over to a new carrier:
All carriers require a phone vendor familiar with your phone system to be present during the switch over of your phone and fax lines and internet services to run required tests. To schedule a technician for such services, please contact us a week prior to the switch over appointment.