Why My Number is Marked as Spam?

Since last year when FCC increased restrictions to fight back with automatic telemarketers, spam callers and fraudulent calls, many people started to face another issue. Receiving important calls that are marked as spam, spam likely, telemarketer, and spam risk -by...

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Using VoIP Phone at Home and Got Audio Issues? Read This.

It all started with a teeny tiny virus. Many of us moved to quarantine in our houses. Thanks to technology many of us had our own VoIP phones which you can take home, plug it to the internet and BAM... you get your work calls right at home. For some it started to work...

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Introducing NextCom Short Message Service

As businesses and their customers grow increasingly mobile, it’s essential to have tolos and capabilities to connect and communicate quickly,easily and productively. NextCom SMS enables users to send and receive text messages right from NextCom UC, from a business...

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Our Response to COVID-19 Crisis

We Are Here to Support Our Customers, Partners and Employees. During the past month we have been working closely with our clients and partnering businesses to help them get through this time of crisis. Nextcom team is currently working to facilitate its clients with...

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What to Know About Analog Phone Lines

What is Analog Line? Analog line, also referred to as  POTS Line (Plain Old Telephone Service), is a single copper cable that supports standard phone, fax machine, credit card machine, alarm line, and modem. In this technology, an audio signal (for example the human...

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Switching Business Phone Services 101

Fact If you are switching your business phone provider, you need your phone vendor’s assistance in every step of the process. Problem John from Doe and Associates called yesterday and he was very anxious. He said they had switched their phone service from AT&T to...

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Reliable Internet Solutions for Your Business

Read This if Your Internet Is Slow and You Are Looking for a Solution With most business communications happening over the internet and gradual move of the phone companies towards IP based phone solutions, you will need a reliable internet at a reasonable speed. There...

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Spectrum Cash Back Rewards

Spectrum Cash Back Incentives NextCom Managed VoIP UCaaS has Recently teamed up with Spectrum to offer new Enterprise Rules of Engagement (ROE) and Cash Back Incentives We are pleased to announce our updated Enterprise ROE and a Cash Back Incentive to for new and...

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NextCom CoreNexa Cellphone Application

NextCom CoreNexa Soft Phone Are you or your sales reps usually traveling around to meet clients? Are you having employees working remotely occasionally? Does each and every call to your business counts a lot so you don’t want to miss any of them AT ALL? In today’s...

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NEC DSX End-of-Support

NEC Annouces End of Life of Support on the DSX Systems NEC has announced its partners the end of support for all DSX Products. This system was originally introduce in 2006 and was one of the most popular NEC products over the years. NEC Technical Assistance Center has...

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Zebra Technologies Zebra Label Paper Zebra Z-Perform 2000D Direct Thermal 10010028- Thermal Transfer - White- 6 / Carton
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Zebra Technologies Zebra Wax Ribbon 5319 Performance 05319GS11007 - Thermal Transfer - Black - 12 / Pack
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AT&T 2-Line Speakerphone with Caller ID/CW ML17929
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Polycom 2200-11531-025 Telephone SoundPoint IP 501 with PoE
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NEC DTR-2DT-1 Non Display Telephone White
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