Nextcom is a well established company that has been in the telecommunication industry for the past 45 years. With 2 locations in Los Angeles and San Jose, Nextcom is able to accommodate many applicants.

There are many opportunities at Nextcom for talented and dedicated individuals seeking a career within the telecommunication industry.

Our staff works within a totally integrated environment which include design, engineering, production, sales, service, administration, and support. Nextcom strives to build camaraderie between its staff and works at making its environment more pleasurable.

We are committed to providing our employees with a challenging and participative work environment marked by equal opportunity for personal growth. If you seek a dynamic, rewarding, and growth oriented workplace, look no further than Nextcom.

Come join the Company that is “making a difference” and discover how Nextcom can enrich your career.

Available Positions:

Market Research Analyst:

NextCom Corp is seeking applications for the position of Market Research Analyst, to:

– Study market conditions of telecom products and services to identify market trends, pricing and efficiency of marketing tools.

– Devise methods for collecting data, use knowledge of electronics technology to collect data on competitors’ telecom products, sales, marketing strategies and pricing, analyze findings to assist management determine position in market and evaluate pricing criteria for components of its telecom products.

– Devise methods for collecting data, use Qualtrics to design surveys for collecting data on consumers of telecom systems, preferences, purchasing trends, collect and analyze data and report to management to assist in efficiently expanding market.

– Use knowledge of electronics technology to monitor industry trends and report to management to assist employer in staying competitive.

– Measure effectiveness of employer’s current marketing strategies and report to management to revise strategies where necessary.

Requirements: Masters in Management, Business Administration or Related Field, completion of graduate or undergraduate course of study in electronics technology, and working knowledge of Qualtrics
**Job Location: 5757 W. Century Blvd., Ste 675, Los Angeles, CA 90045.To Apply Email:**

Software Engineer:

We are seeking a qualified applicant who will develop and implement web-based applications including telephony, database, web-interface, Interactive Voice Response systems, predictive dialers, and related technologies such as SIP, VOIP, and H.323. Individuals applying for the position must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related fields and one year of prior work experience as a Software Engineer. The experience should include having worked with computer-based telephony systems utilizing IVR, predictive dialers, as well as telephony protocols SIP, VOIP, and H.323. Qualified applicants must also have experience with web-development technologies such as COM+, ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET, Remote Scripting, SQL Server, and have excellent and lucid coding practice/habits.


Send resume to .

Sales Engineers:

Responsible for servicing specific accounts. Leads are generated through various marketing efforts and later distributed among sales engineers in order to capture the accounts. Not only are the sales engineers responsible for generating new sales, they are also responsible for continuing product sales to existing customers. Sales engineers would be expected to give demonstrations to potential customers regarding different products and be able to be the liaisons between the customers and Nextcom, Inc. There are various training & certification classes available to sales engineers to help them become more educated in the telecommunication field.

Field Service Technicians:

Individuals who are familiar with various types of phone systems. They are responsible for the startup, maintenance, and repair of different telecommunication instruments. This process involves analyzing systems problems, training customers, and interacting with the inside technical and administrative staff. The position entails a great deal of traveling during the course of the day to different job sights . The position also requires good communication skills with both customers and co-workers. There are many opportunities for training and certification on different applications in order to help employees stay competitive in the telecommunication market.

Administrative Employees:

Involved with day to day activity of the company. There are different departments within the company that one can become involved in (Sales, Service, Customer Care, Operations, Accounting, Marketing, Telemarketing, and MIS). With each department, comes different assignments, but one common factor among all departments is dedication and loyalty. Each of our departments work closely with one another, so good communication skills is also necessary to help the process.

Customer Care Representative:

Receiving incoming calls that may require the reps to be able to trouble shoot problems over the phone to determine if the problem can be resolved or if there is a need to schedule a service technician to go out to a job sight. Doing minor sales for new and existing customers. This position entails some technical material training and requires individuals that have good problem solving skills.

Administrative Assistant to Sales Manager:

Interacting with the sales engineers and sales manager to coordinate jobs with the service department and do all necessary paperwork to do the job from the beginning to the end. Good organizational skills needed to be able to manage time sensitive projects. Knowledge in Microsoft Word, and Excel is a must in this position.