Business Phone Services

Nextcom offers a broad range of services for the maintenance and upgrade of any size business phone systems. No matter you are using a traditional PBX or hosted PBX we provide following services:

  • Installation,
  • Programming,
  • Fraud Protection,
  • Relocation and Decommission,
  • Repair,
  • Switch Over,
  • Maintenance.

voice Equipment We Provide Service for:

Our services are not limited to your phones and phone cabinet only; but will include your:

  • Voicemail System and Answering Machines
  • Phone Lines and MPOE
  • Music on Hold – MoH
  • Promotion on Hold Production – PoH
  • Paging System
  • Door and Gate Intercom Systems
  • Call Center
  • Voice and Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Voice Response – IVR

NEC, Toshiba, Panasonic, Nortel and Avaya systems, are among the most popular PBXs that we have been dealing with over the years. In the recent years, Voice over Internet Protocol AKA VoIP and Hosted PBXs ans SIP Trunking are becoming more and more popular as they are very cost effective. If you happen to have any of the above brands systems and service, and you are looking for an upgrade, Nextcom’s sales team will help you choose which system works best for you based on your business needs.

Here is a list of legacy phone systems and voicemails that we have familiarity with in case you need help to fix or reprogram: NEC Univerge SV8100 Series, NEC Univerge SV9100 Series, NEC SL1100, NEC DSX80, NEC Electra, NEC Electra II, NEC NEAX, NEC Electra Elite, NEC Dterm, NEC Mark II, NEC NEAX 2000, NEC Electra Professional Level I, Level II, Level II Advanced,Toshiba CIX100, Toshiba CIX 28, Toshiba CIX40, Toshiba CIX 670, Toshiba CTX100, Toshiba CTX 28, Toshiba CTX40, Toshiba CTX 670 , Toshiba IPedge, Toshiba DK8 / DK16 / DK14 / DK24 / DK56 / DK96, Toshiba DK14, DK16e, DK40 / DK280 / DK424, Toshiba Perception, Toshiba Strata 6E, 12E, 20E, Luca, AT&T Lucent Avaya, Panasonic, Nortel Avaya, Nitsuko, 3com NBX, Telrad Avanti, Doorking, Altigen, AT&T, Iwatsu ZT-D, Iwatsu ZT-S, Iwatsu EX-616, Lucent Partner, Mitel SX-200, Norstar Meridian System, Electra Pro 120, Electra Elite 48, Electra Elite 192, Electra Elite IPK, Panasonic DBS, Panasonic KXT 308, Panasonic KXT 616, Panasonic KXT 1232 / KXTD 1232, Premier, Telrad 2464, Telrad Symphony, Telrad Digital, Telrad Key BX, Tie Buscomplus / Ultracom AT, Trillium Panther II, Fujitsu Nortel.

Attention Toshiba Phone System Users:
Toshiba has announced end of production on its telecommunication products. While they still provide tech support for some of their systems, as a Toshiba Authorized Dealer, we are here to provide service and maintenance for any age Toshiba PBXs. There is minimum to no New Toshiba parts available in the market; however, we have access to refurbished, used and tested parts and phones if required.