Repartee combines voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext, and fax detect, route, and notify into a completely integrated business solution that will help you communicate more effectively with the people who matter most to your business — your customers and fellow employees.


With Repartee CTI, you can access and address important communications from any touchtone telephone in the world, and you can manage live telephone traffic and all types of messages visually right on your PC screen.

Computer Telephone Integration, or CTI, is a modern solution for a modern problem: Information Overload. Coordinating faxes, e-mail, voice mail messages, and personal information managers (PIM’s) is a formidable task faced by the United States’ 70 million “knowledge workers.”

TeLANophy®, a suite of applications for Repartee CTI, lets users manage messages and telephone calls on screen through Microsoft Windows. Using a universal mailbox that users can access via a networked computer or telephone, our integrations offer complete control of voice, fax, and e-mail messages.

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Repartee CTI Brochure (PDF, 728K)
Repartee CTI Data Sheet (PDF, 69K)
Repartee CTI General Description (PDF 1MB)


Repartee VP gives you state-of-the-art voice messaging features at an affordable price and is the foundation on which you can build your business communications solution. Whether you add employees or decide to enhance your system with powerful desktop computer telephony applications, Repartee VP can easily grow and expand to meet your needs.

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Repartee VP Brochure (PDF, 173K)
Repartee VP Data Sheet (PDF, 75K)
Repartee VP General Description (PDF, 75K)

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