Cable & Wireless offers a full range of voice products to meet the telecommunications needs of today’s businesses, including reliable, high-quality long distance services, conference calling, toll-free and calling card services.

This service portfolio enables companies to conduct business efficiently, whether they are in a traditional office setting or working in today’s challenging, fast-paced mobile environment. Cable & Wireless also provides essential tools to help businesses manage telecommunications expenses.

  • Call Management Software

  • The Intelligent Bill

  • Toll Free Solutions

  • International

  • Conference Calling

  • Calling Cards


Cable & Wireless USA data services are routed over the Global Digital Highway (GDH), a high-speed fiber optic worldwide network. This offers our customers end-to-end network resiliency with complete network control and diverse routing capabilities to support routine and mission-critical applications.

  • Frame Relay

  • ATM

  • SNA

  • X.25

  • Private Line

  • Secure Dial


mast_messaging_bHow do you get time-sensitive information to thousands – or tens of thousands – of people around the world, all at once? Whichever message format you choose –e-mail message, fax or file transfer — Cable & Wireless USA can get your message anywhere in minutes. All you need is an Internet connection on your Mac or PC and a Web browser.

Cable & Wireless USA uses state-of-the-art, high-speed, high-volume broadcast servers to deliver your messages to all recipients simultaneously – anywhere, anytime, with delivery verification directly over the Web.

Cable & Wireless USA also provides a wide range of value-added services that help you take full advantage of this time- and money-saving technology.

You’ll also discover new ways to reach prospects and business partners through the unique messaging services available from SureCom, the messaging division of Cable & Wireless USA. SureCom provides fax and e-mail broadcast, fax and e-mail mailboxes, fax-on-demand, a unique electronics forms service, advanced Web and desktop tools, and one of the most extensive databases of fax numbers available anywhere. To learn more, visit

  • Broadcast Messaging

  • Web Services

  • Database Marketing

  • Fax on Demand

  • SureCom BusinessForm

  • SureResponse Message Mailbox

  • MultiMessage

  • Software


mast_internet_bThe network your data runs on directly impacts the success of your mission-critical applications.

Cable & Wireless USA has one of the most powerful, most reliable Internet backbones on the planet, with connections to more than 70 countries worldwide. Cable & Wireless USA offers superior Internet performance in terms of availability, speed and packet delivery.

  • Backbone

  • Traffic Site

  • Direct Connect

  • International Direct Connect

  • Web Hosting

  • Dial Access

  • Security

  • IP-Special Markets

  • Virtual ISP

  • WebReady

  • DSL

  • IP VPN