Nextcom’s Call Center business is focused on combining expert consulting and implementation services with best-of-breed products and technologies. Today’s call centers not only process voice transactions, but electronic transactions as well as – e-mail, fax, and even transactions via the World Wide Web. Distributed or “virtual” call centers are also becoming popular, with many call centers spanning multiple locations, even multiple countries. Remote and “home” call center agents are continuing trends in an industry in which recruiting large numbers of skilled staff is increasingly difficult in any single geographic location.

Call Center managers are looking for new and innovative ways to provide excellence to their clients, while keeping costs down. Until now, it has been impossible for any single manufacturer to provide all the technologies that enable these new ways of doing business. Nextcom is in the unique position of being able to implement complex and innovative solutions designed by experts in the industry, and using leading-edge products from a variety of business partners, allowing us to focus on providing the right technologies for our customers, whatever their business requirements.

Some of our key partnerships include:

Toshiba – Since 1992, Nextcom and Toshiba have enjoyed a partnership which has allowed us to bring state-of-the-art customer contact solutions to mission critical call center environments. Nextcom’s Call Center Technology Group provides the entire portfolio of Toshiba products, which perfectly complement our expertise in systems integration and call center business consulting.

NEC- Our long relationship with NEC has enabled us to provide some of the most innovative call center solutions to our large base of Siemens customers.

In addition, we have an extensive portfolio of partnerships with leading manufacturers and vendors of products in the areas of:

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Workforce Management

  • Quality Monitoring

  • Preview and Predictive Dialing

  • Data Consolidation<./span>

  • Data Warehousing

  • Internet Telephony

  • Video Call Centers