Companies are searching for technology solutions that will help them succeed in today’s ctidemanding business environments. Innovative solutions that will help them control and reduce operating costs. Increase productivity. Boost profits. And deliver products and services more efficiently. More cost-effectively. In short, to strike the most productive balance between human and technology resources.

Computer Telephone Integration – driven by the call control software capabilities of the 1st party control and third party control of Computer Telephony applications with the client/server network capabilities of the LAN and WAN – represents the technology solutions for meeting and exceeding these business challenges.

NEC pioneered the CTI technology introducing Open Application Interface (OAI) with NEAX 2400 IMS and SDS PABX’s . Many applications have been developed with OAI.

NEAX 7400 ICS PABX integrates diverse hardware and software elements for advanced CTI functionality. These include NEC’s CTI technology enablers: the PC Telephony Adapter for TAPI (Dterm TAPI adapter) and TAPI Module. Both deliver the TAPI desktop applications, while the OAI delivers centric and LAN applications and network based applications. Such an environment enables today’s information worker to dramatically enhance the operation of their most commonly used business tools: the telephone and the personal computer.

NEC’s complete communications integration strategy, Hypercore Partner Program (HPP), provides the foundation for advanced product development and partnership. Through this program, NEC continues to establish key strategic alliances with other product developers and manufacturers to keep CTI at the forefront of application and technology-driven computer/telephone integration

NEC’s TAPI PC Telephony Solutions

NEC supports a broad range of Microsoft TAPI features with two hardware/software products in conjunction with the digital DTerm telephones. DTerm TAPI Adapter interfaces to the DTerm  telephone set and connects to the PC serial port via an RS-232 cable. A set of TAPI functions, including use of the headset and recorder, are supported by the TAPI module. Either TAPI products interface device may be used with the NEAX2400 IMS and NEAX7400 ICS series PABX products.

The PC Telephony Adapter has specific advantages in cost, ease of installation, and ease of use. For example, PC installation consists of connecting to the serial port and loading the device driver. The PC does not have to be “opened up”.