Slip on the Supra® headset and you’ll realize instantly why it is the number one headset all over the world. Thanks to an adjustable headband, it is very stable and remarkably comfortable. The soft ear cushion helps buffer ambient office noise. The sound quality is unexcelled, so you can talk and use the headset all day long without noticing it. The Supra Headset is perfect for reception, customer service, telemarketing and other phone intensive jobs. Available in monaural, binaural, and noise-canceling models to match the needs of your working environment

DuoSet™ Convertible Headset, Vista™ Universal Amplifier and Switcher™ Multimedia Amplifier Extend Plantronics’ Industry-leading Line of Business Communication Tools


 Part Number: PLA-H41
Starset In-the-Ear Headset
All-day Comfort.
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Part Number: PLA-H41
Mirage Ear Hook Headset
Unobtrusive, lightweight over-the-ear
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Part Number: PLA-H51

Supra Monaural headset
Super Soft ear cushions Optional noise canceling microphone
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Part Number: PLA-H61

 Supra Binaural Headset
Super Soft ear cushions Optional noise canceling microphone
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Part Number: PLA-H81

  • Earbud style headset
  • Four sizes of user-selectable earbuds
  • Unique three-point fit
  • Weighs less than half an ounce
  • Quick Disconnect feature allows you to walk away from the phone while still wearing your headset

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Part Number: PLA-H91
Encore Monaural Headset
SoundGuard® Plus™ circuitry and Call Clarity™ technology
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Part Number: PLA-H101

 Encore Binaural Headset
SoundGuard® Plus™ circuitry and Call Clarity™ technology
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Part Number: PLA-H141

 Plantronics DuoSet Headset[wp_cart_button name=”Plantronics DuoSet Headset” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-M10

 Multipurpose Amplifier[wp_cart_button name=”Multipurpose Amplifier” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-M12

 Multipurpose Amplifier
Plantronics most popular adapter
[wp_cart_button name=”Multipurpose Amplifier” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P31-U10P

 Polaris Starset Headset for NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”Polaris Starset Headset for NEC/Norstar” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P41-U10P

 Polaris Over-the-Ear headset Direct for NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”Polaris Over-the-Ear headset” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P51-U10P

 Polaris Supra Mon. Headset for NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”olaris Supra Mon. Headset” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P61-U10P

 Binaural Over-the-head Headset For NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”Binaural Over-the-head Headset” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P91-U10P

 Polaris Encore Monaural Headset for NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”Polaris Encore Monaural Headset” price=”29.95″]

Part Number: PLA-P81-U10P

 Polaris Over-the-Ear Headset for NEC/Norstar[wp_cart_button name=”Polaris Over-the-Ear Headset” price=”29.95″]


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