From time to time It may be necessary for your equipment to be repaired at our repair facility where we house all required state-of-the-art testing and burn-in equipment. Nextcom adheres to a strict standard of quality repair and refurbishing that assures you that your equipment will be fixed the first time around. And, every component is checked and double checked before we return the product to you.

No product should be returned to Nextcom without prior authorization. Contact our Customer Care Department before sending anything for repair. A Customer Care Representative will help you determine if your equipment is in fact in need of in-shop repair before he or she authorizes the return of your equipment. Once it has been determined that your equipment is indeed in need of repair, he or she will provide you with a Return Authorization (RA) number, which will ensure proper handling during the repair process. Please provide the Customer Care Representative with the part number, serial number, purchase order number, and description of the product failure.

In instances where an out-of-warranty repair is necessitated, in Nextcom‘s discretion, by customer abuse, negligence or acts of God (i.e. liquid spill, lighting strike, power surge, flood, etc.,) then, in addition to the normal repair charge, Nextcom reserves the right to charge for additional costs incurred in making the necessary repair and/ or in deciding to replace affected component part(s).

It is Nextcom‘s policy to use its best efforts to repair or replace defective products within five (5) working days of its receipt of the goods.