imagesWe offer our customers a comprehensive array of financing programs for communication equipment and systems. Nextcom Leasing Program is operated specifically to ease the passage from old, outdated and ordinary communication systems, to fully integrated, state-of-the-art systems. We keep margins low and terms flexible to lower your threshold to new and enhanced systems, helping you draw every possible measure of increased profitability from your system.

Nextcom Leasing Program provides customized leasing packages tailored to each customer’s needs. And, when your lease expires, you may opt to either purchase your equipment for the then fair-market value, continue the lease at fair market value, or upgrade your system with the very latest technology. In fact, with Nextcom Leasing Program, you can upgrade your system at any time during the lease cycle.

Nextcom Leasing Program provides financing and leasing services to Nextcom customers in both the United States and Canada. Our mission is to provide flexible and creative financing solutions for integrated voice, video and data communications products and services. Our focus is on customer service – we listen to customer needs and tailor financing packages based on customer requirements.

We offer the following types of lease financing products and services:

  • Fair market value leases

  • Finance leases ($1.00 buyout)

  • Full-service leases (lease payments bundled with maintenance)

  • Municipal leases (broker of U.S. leases only)

  • Financing of equipment under outsourcing agreements

  • Vendor program financing

Lease terms may vary; however, most leases are structured for periods of 12, 24 36, 39, 48, or 60 months.