Music On Hold

When customers call your company and are placed on hold, what do they hear? Do they hear silence? If they hear silence, they may wonder if anyone knows that they are holding.

Statistical research has proven that 88% of people who hear silence while placed on-hold, hang up the telephone. Among those who hang up, 34% will not call back. That is a significant loss of business. On the other hand, 85% of customers who hear music while placed, remain on the line.


In today’s hi-tech business world, most businesses do not deal with all of their clients face to face. A great deal of business is done by phone, fax, e-mail, and the internet. Often, the only impression a client will get of a company is through these mediums.

Music-On-Hold adds highly sought after credibility and professionalism to any business, especially to home-based businesses and small businesses. In fact, music-on-hold can have a dramatic effect on a customer’s perception of a business.


You put your image on the line every time you put a call on-hold. If a customer hears music while on-hold, they are unlikely to think they are dealing with a small office situation. The creative team at Nextcom will work with you to produce engaging content that will captivate your callers, and deliver it in the style that targets your customer audiences and complements the image of your company.


We will install modified SONY stereo equipment to your existing phone system. Customers can listen to your favorite FM radio station or Compact Disk while on hold.


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