Is your business ready for a phone system that offers more? Welcome to the NEC Electra Elite… an advanced key system that helps employees produce and businesses respond. Why? Because the Electra Elite packs the features and functions of a more advanced telephone system into an intelligent, migratable package. Yet, when you consider its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) — initial investment, operating expenses, training, support, administration, security and migration — the Electra Elite proves to be a significant value decision.

Take computer telephony integration, for example — or CTI, as it is more commonly known. CTI allows you to improve employee productivity and customer interaction by integrating your telephones with your PCs. Employees can use their computers to answer calls, scroll directories and databases, or call up the files of those who are calling, or those who are yet to be called — all before picking up the phone! Through better managed resources and empowering technology, Electra Elite users can dramatically increase and accelerate Return on Investment (ROI). Just one more of the elite advantages the Electra Elite delivers.


The Electra Elite’s architecture is based on a 32-bit processor, ISA-bus interface and four standard COM ports for supporting computer telephony integration. Its Voice/Data Hub is a unique interface, which allows the integration of both telephone lines and 10Base-T cables for Local Area Network (LAN) all on the same cable.


Thanks to a reduced number of hardware components, and single-pair wiring, installation of the Electra Elite is very easy and as such, is more reliable. The system provides menu-driven PC-based programming to simplify and speed implementation. To make set-up and modifications even easier, end-user programming is provided for approximately 60 different features. Users have the power to customize functionality — any time — right at the tips of their fingers.


The Electra Elite offers a Basic and Expansion Key System Unit (KSU) that allows for easy and cost-effective growth — with universal slots to enhance system configuration. The Electra Elite is a modular system that starts out as a 64-port unit. By adding two additional KSUs, the Electra Elite can be swiftly expanded to a maximum of 192 ports — that’s 8 to 120 telephones. It’s that easy; it’s that quick. Just as your needs evolve and grow, so does the Electra Elite.


To allow for optimum flexibility and use, the Electra Elite is Centrex compatible. One-touch key access can be programmed for most features, including Centrex options and Speed Dial capabilities. Voice Mail Integration, Automated Attendant and personalized messaging help you run your modest sized business much like a larger organization, enhancing its perception among customers and prospects. Most other office equipment can be easily connected to the Electra Elite, including modems and fax machines.


The Electra Elite offers the tools you need to take your business to the next level. It supports a variety of empowering productivity technologies that help users make the most of their day.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) — for linking telephones with PCs and peripherals through a standards-based TAPI adapter or PC Card, improving information access.

LAN/KTS Cabling Integration — for building a single-platform, comprehensive, integrated voice/data hub, with standard 10Base-T connections, all multiplexed on the same cable.

56 Kbps Modem — for performing remote programming and maintenance.

Automatic Call Distribution / Management Information System (ACD/MIS) — to help you guide calls to the right individuals and to collect and analyze call processing information for improving sales and service.

ISDN-PRI Voice Trunks — for connecting with high-quality, and cost-effective voice trunks.

Internal Voice Processing — for implementing productivity-enhancing capabilities, such as Auto Attendant, Voice Mail, Auto Fax Detect, LIVE Record and Interactive SoftKeys.

Unified Messaging — for integrating various modes of electronic communications — e-mail, fax and voice mail — on a single, user-friendly interface to better serve your customers’ needs.

Telecommuting — for supporting Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) remote communications with NEC’s Dterm® Extender, allowing off-premises associates to access the features of the corporate network.

PC Attendant Console — for allowing operators to process high volumes of calls quickly and efficiently with simple clicks of the mouse.