When it comes to managing business demands, versatility is the key to survival. Especially in communications. Customers need to feel confident that their needs define your priority. Whenever they’re on the line, so is your future. Which is why the NEAX IPS2000 is designed with your business in mind. It helps you establish an Integrated Technology Infrastructure (ITI) that puts your customer first in line by enabling you to strategically deploy information across the organization. It is a powerful and versatile communications platform that enhances your customers’ experiences, producing more options, better access, and faster, smarter transactions.

The NEAX IPS 2000 solution meets the immediate communications challenges of an emerging small business such as modular growth, open architecture and a high price/performance ratio while serving as a powerful voice platform for computer telephony integration (CTI). If you’re a small business with big business plans, NEC has your ideal move. The NEAX IPS 2000 IVS. Instead of limiting your growth potential, this voice platform promotes it.


Designed for your specific inbound call handling requirements, faster, more productive attendant configurations benefit your company’s “Revenue” and “Service” centers. A better business image projected by enhanced call handling will sharpen your competitive edge, while IVS capabilities help prevent frustration and hang-ups due to lengthy waiting. The NEAX IPS 2000 helps eliminate communications bottlenecks.

The NEAX IPS 2000 offers three powerful, flexible, full-featured consoles, so you can choose the one that fits best.

A host of in-bound calling features, like Automated Attendant, together with database-driven Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) applications help you make the most of each call, while enhancing customer experiences. A large variety of attendant position, multi-line and single-line digital terminals feature add-on modules, analog port adapters and other productivity enhancers.

Consider the Dterm Series E, an elegant and sophisticated business tool that helps you pick up performance. Ergonomically designed for natural comfort, the Dterm Series E offers a veritable “toolbox” of menu-driven, soft-key functions—each delivering power, versatility and programmability to every station user.


First, with one of the highest price/performance ratios available in the industry today, the NEAX IPS 2000  enables you to manage costs. Delivering robust performance with a minimum number of quality system components, the NEAX IPS 2000 supports least-cost routing to operate more cost-effectively. With no special installation or environmental conditions to consider, implementation is quick and easy on a 19″ rack, on the floor or even on a desktop. Plus, it comes with an on-board modem to facilitate data transfer.

Next, features like toll restrictions, least cost routing and call detail recording help you manage and monitor users, enabling you to keep track of costly unauthorized usage.

And, the NEAX IPS 2000  allows you to manage your network. For example, common channel interface signaling (CCIS) enables remote sites to share the same voice platform as well as the same benefits and efficiencies, like centralized attendant services, centralized voice mail and SMDR, even centralized maintenance.


Built-in power features like 32-bit distributed processing, flash ROM and 1024 time slots help departments, strategic work groups and the entire enterprise operate more efficiently. A low power consumption design keeps costs down, while a commercial power back-up unit keeps operations on line. Universal cabling and ports provide network flexibility, while a totally non-blocking system ensures full traffic availability.

Over 450 powerful telephony features and functions, like TAPI, TSAPI, ISDN, basic rate interface (BRI) & primary rate interface (PRI), Back-up CPU and remote PIM help you increase call capacity and complexity without losing control. Then, you can integrate video transmission capabilities and data transfer on one communications platform.

In Expense centers, like purchasing and administration, the NEAXIPS 2000 increases your potential for profitability by helping you eliminate wasted time with task-enhancing tools and information. Driven by Open Application Interface (OAI) development, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI) and multimedia capabilities, NEC’s spectrum of EmpowerWorX applications streamlines and accelerates the flow of communications within and between departments.


Every employee has a distinct working style, a personal comfort zone. Instead of limiting the potential of this individual creativity with forced standards and procedures, the NEAX2000 IVS lets every station user set up an ideal desktop. With personal and customizable station features, such as programmable line key, two-color LED, and soft-keys for desktop programmability, each user is empowered with individual performance capabilities that lead to breakthrough productivity.

Work smarter, not harder. It’s possible to do so with the NEAX2000 IVS and the advantages it brings to every user. Areas such as improved call handling services, sophisticated messaging services, integrated call placement and management services utilizing links with a PC, personal location services, and other NEAX2000 IVS capabilities make each of your people more powerful and productive, better able to contribute to the overall mission.

Businesses of the future will rely on the ability to move information on demand—voice, video, data, text and image. Building a voice platform with versatile integration capabilities and powerful communications features is paramount to that success. It’s about strategic mobility in multimedia. And the NEAX2000 IVS was designed for this very purpose. It delivers the product changeability and system survivability that helps keep businesses ahead. This approach to migration and merging technologies is the continuing legacy of NEC’s FUSION Integrated Communications Strategy. Where diverse hardware and software elements merge to produce innovative communications solutions that enable businesses to survive, compete and grow long term with the same technology investment. Thus, as businesses position themselves to meet the challenges of the coming Multimedia Millennium, they can do so on a platform that harnesses the technology to inform and empower their decisions. The NEAX2000 IVS. Helping you seize the future.


  • Port interface module design
  • PCM digital sampling
  • Stored-program controller
  • 32-bit distributed processing
  • Time division switching
  • Modular switching matrix
  • Full traffic availability (non-blocking)
  • Flexible numbering plan
  • Universal station and line card slots
  • Tone-to-pulse conversion
  • Pulse-to-tone conversion
  • Flexible line ringing
  • Flexible line appearance