Paging Systems

Nextcom offers two brands of paging systems, Valcom and Wheelock.


Valcom’s Page Control/Interfaces provide paging from any telephone system. Depending on the application and which model you select, a control/interface can connect to a page port, trunk port, analog station port, Centrex line, or a stand alone telephone set. Valcom’s Page Control/Interfaces are available to provide one-way paging or talkback paging. Talkback page control/interfaces are used to allow the paged party to respond to a voice page handsfree via speaker.

For a picture and specifications of the product, click on the product title. To view or download installation information on a product click on the “PDF” icon located by the product part number on the product page.

2000 SERIES PAGE CONTROL/INTERFACES: Valcom’s 2000 Series Page Control are available from one zone basic units to 6 zone enhanced, each provides one-way or talkback paging with a multiude of features including built-in power.

1 ZONE TALKBACK PAGE CONTROL/INTERFACE: Valcom’s Page Control/Interface provides one zone of talkback paging and supports up to 2 talkback and/or 40 one-way speakers. It has a background music input and optional alert tone and repeated alert tone. V-9941

9 ZONES PAGE CONTROL/INTERFACE: Valcom’s Page Control/Interface provides 9 zones of one-way or talkback paging plus All Call, background music input which automatically mutes in the zone being paged. V-1109RTVA/V-1109RTHF

19 ZONES PAGE CONTROL/INTERFACE:Valcom’s Page Control/Interface provides up to 19 zones of one-way or talkback paging. V-119RTVA/V-119RTHF

36 ZONES TALKBACK PAGE CONTROL/INTERFACE: Valcom’s Talkback Page Control/Interface provides 36 zones of talkback paging. It is perfect for car dealerships, stock brokerage houses, real estate offices, or any facility requiring many zones.

EXPANDABLE 24/48/72/96 STATION TALKBACK INTERCOM SYSTEM: Valcom’s expandable 24/48/72/96 station talkback intercom system is an innovative new expandable talkback intercom system designed specifically for providing communication capabilities for schools, assisted living facilities, auto dealerships, medical clinics and warehouses.

ENHANCEMENTS PRODUCTS: Valcom’s Page Control Enhancement products provide all call capabilities, talkback capabilities and station level page access.



  • OSHA and ADA Compliant.

  • UL Approved.

  • Up to 5 levels of priority can be programmed.

  • Easy to customize and operate.

  • Up to 999 different sound byte files can be combined to create up to 256 custom messages.

  • Messages can be repeated any number of times.