Eliminating risk and meeting required due dates through effective project coordination is at the core of every successful project. If you do not have a plan, who is going to guide you through your telephony project? Nextcom develops and manages an implementation and integration plan specifically designed for you.

Our project management approach is a systematic method of defining, planning, managing and integrating project tasks and resources. Resources, such as:

  • Architects

  • Cable Companies

  • Consultants

  • Customer Contacts

  • Electricians

  • Long Distance Carriers

  • MIS Departments

  • Moving Personnel

  • Property Management

  • Technical Resources

  • Third-Party Vendors

Through proper planning and efficient coordination of work between different, yet interdependent groups, we are able to accurately predict when the project will be completed and effectively manage challenges as they occur.


The process begins with your Account Executive, who works with you to define your project. Afterwards, a Nextcom Project Coordinator is assigned to you to develop and complete a formal implementation project plan. In essence, both teams plan the work, and then work the plan until implementation is completed successfully.

Project Coordination includes:

  • Coordinating, facilitating and documenting initial project meeting.

  • Developing a detailed project schedule with task and resource assignments, deadlines and durations.

  • Resource scheduling.

  • System and floor plan design and/or coordination.

  • Installation management.

  • System testing.

  • Training recommendations.

  • Weekly status updates.

  • Post-installation sign-off meeting.