The key to managing a successful call center is maximizing available resources and agent productivity. A Toshiba ACD/MIS package can provide you with the management tools and operational overview you need to run your center at optimum efficiency. The ACD portion of the system ensures that incoming calls are distributed evenly, so agent productivity is maintained at a high level, and inbound callers are handled efficiently. The MIS portion of the system allows you to monitor your operation on a real time basis. You know what’s happening right now, at a glance. You can monitor traffic. Measure agent productivity. Isolate problem areas. Reallocate resources as the situation demands. Plus, variable alarms allow you to react to potential problems the minute they arise. The system can also compile historic reports that will enable you to make informed decisions concerning your call center operation.

A Toshiba ACD/MIS call center system is the fastest and easiest way to simplify your management tasks, improve agent productivity and increase customer service. But most of all, a Toshiba ACD/MIS system can help you cut costs by ensuring your staffing meets, but does not exceed, your call level needs, and that each individual agent is efficient and productive. The Toshiba ACD/MIS system … it allows you to do more, with less, and makes the most of what you have.


The Toshiba Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature delivers powerful call processing capabilities that can make any business more successful. By utilizing ACD, your people will be able to handle a high volume of incoming calls more efficiently and effectively, improving overall productivity. ACD can also alleviate call bottlenecks, enable you to streamline your operation, aid operations management, and enhance your company’s image by improving customer service. Even more importantly, it can make a big difference where it counts the most – your bottom line.


Automatic Call Distribution manages incoming calls by answering them on a “first-come, first- served” basis. Agents answer them either on a “most-idle-first” or “next-available-first” basis. This ensures that calls are evenly distributed over an answering group while maximizing agent productivity. ACD also allows overflow calls to be automatically directed to another call answering group whenever necessary. With the optional MIS, the system even provides you with detailed reports on individual agent call handling patterns and performance. With its exceptional call handling and monitoring capabilities, ACD will help you increase profits by allowing you to maximize agent productivity and allocate resources more effectively.