Being the most advanced unified communications solution, UC for Enterprise UCE creates a smooth, easy and immediate communication tool, empowering the users to communicate however, whenever and wherever they work.
·    Univerge UC700 – UCE Desktop Client
–    Presence information
–    Instant messaging & group chat
–    Voice, video & web conferencing
–    White boarding, desktop sharing & screen capture
–    Intuitive call control, visual voicemail & individualized contact rules
·    Univerge OW5000- UCE Application Platform:
–    Integrating UCE’s unified communications applications
–    Fusing UCE applications with third-party solutions and products
–    Creating communication-enabled business process
–    Use APIs & web services for improved interoperability and simplified development

·    Mobility
–    Establish one phone number for their use and define the phones that are to ring when that number is called
–    Set up one voice mailbox that collects messages regardless of which phone is called
–    Determine the current status and availability of other UCE users from a personal computer, Mac, smart phone, web-enabled mobile phone or iPhone®
–    Use an intuitive web browser on their mobile phones to perform such functions as search for contacts, access contact information and review the call log
–    Easily move calls initiated or received by UCE Mobility to and from their desktop phones
–    Add comments to their personal profiles, enhancing their social networking ability

·    Agent
·    Univerge UA5200 – Attendant Console
–    Offering customized industry solution for Healthcare and Hospitality
–    Optimal call management through a customizable, intuitive user interface
–    Presence-enabled directory that integrates with corporate directory data
–    Skills-based directory search to quickly find the person most suitable to assist the caller
–    A cost-effective way to increase attendant productivity
–    On screen call control with flexible routing
–    Integration of presence-enabled directory with click to call, e-mail, SMS and IM
–    Optional threat recording, 911 alerts, on-call schedules, message taking and procedure management
·    Collaboration- Voice & Video Conferencing Solution
–    Uses standard video equipment and requires no additional software
–    Provides compatibility with most web browsers & operating systems
–    Accommodates voice & video conferencing for a large number of participants with no subscription fees
–    Supports Apple® iPhones®/iPods® & Android™ mobile devices
–    Includes network-restricted access for increased security

·    UCE Contact Center
–    Supporting up to 2,000 users
–    Expandability; ability to add or change options.
–    Fewer abandoned calls
v    CallCenterWorX-ACD- UCE Automatic Call Distribution
–    Efficient call Routing
–    Provides features that are flexible and customizable
–    Offers a simple GUI management interface
–    Contains individual online help systems
–    ability to work with CallCenterWorX-MIS and GlobalNavigator/Network ACD to track statistics
v    ContactWorX- UCE Multimedia
–    Enables agents to communicate with customers using any combination of voice, e-mail and live chat
–    Integrates well with other UCE Contact Center features, such as caller prioritization, contact prioritization, queue time announcements and queue depth announcements
–    Scales to meet contact center’s future needs
–    Optimizes contact center’s performance
v    GNAV- Global Navigator- activity and performance recorder
–    Managing information system for a single contact center or multiple networked centers
–    Improving agent performance and productivity through call activity tracking and reports
–    Measuring and reporting on the performance of: individual agents, agent groups, teams, pilots, trunks, trunk groups
–    Using the real-time data it provides to react instantaneously to status changes
–    Custom create what will be displayed through the new Real-time screen functionality
–    Access historical call information, thanks to the virtually unlimited online storage of data it provides
–    Use GNAV Pro-ENT User/Client or GNAV Pro-SMB User/Client , the visual desktop interface, to provide contact center data to managers and supervisors
v    Network ACD
–    Callers can access agents more quickly, easily and efficiently
–    Managers can make the most of their resources across multiple locations
–    Managers can operate multiple contact centers more consistently
–    Contact centers can use software-based licensing to add Network ACD to any seat size
–    Managers can expand Network ACD up to 50 nodes/sites
–    Users can customize their real-time screen based on their preference
v    Agent Anywhere
–    Connects callers to agents more quickly, easily and efficiently
–    Integrates effectively with NEC’s Global Navigator and NEC’s CallCenterWorX-MIS for the centralized administration, monitoring and reporting of all local (or remote, networked) agents
–    Maximizes use of resources across multiple locations
–    Improves agent productivity and customer satisfaction
v    QueWorX- UCE Interactive Voice Response
–    Perfect fit for any size of business
–    Advanced Call Routing – routes callers quickly to the appropriate agent based on Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Account Code or Area Code
–    Multi-level/Multi-lingual Auto Attendant – provides callers with pre-recorded menu options in up to seven different languages to ensure they reach the right department or agent
–    Pre Call Whisper Announcement – gives agents information about the caller immediately prior to being connected
–    Immediate, Scheduled or Web-Based Callbacks– enables customers to choose when they want to be contacted
–    Announcements- Estimated Time to Answer (ETA) and Queue Depth – Provide customers with information on wait times and allows them to decide whether to remain on hold or submit a callback – reducing the number of abandoned calls
–    Customized Announcements – record and configure custom announcements that callers hear while waiting in queue or prior to them going into a queue – customized to fit your specific business requirements
–    Customizable Reports – Easily generate insightful reports on agent performance and call statistics
v    Virtual Wallboard
–    Provides critical contact center statistics to on-site and remote agents
–    Gives agents access to multiple virtual wallboards when used with NEC’s Global Navigator
–    Enables supervisors to send messages on an ad-hoc basis
v    Infocast
–    Agents have real-time data immediately
–    Agents are free to select and display multiple queues (when used with Global Navigator)
–    Administrators can define specific performance criteria for their contact centers and have the system inform agents when statistics exceed those criteria
v    Univerge  UC700- UCE Agent
–    Transition non-contact center staff to agent role during unexpected call spikes
–    Prioritize contact-center calls based on call volume, customer, campaign promotional, etc.
–    Provide agents with real-time status and availability of colleagues
–    Enable agents to perform non-contact center duties during low call volumes
–    Provide administrators/supervisors with the ability to set permissions for each individual agent
–    Deliver queue-specific stats & information directly to agents’ desktops
–    Route callers to the most appropriate department faster

·    Emergency On-Site Notification
–    Pinpointing the location of all 9-1-1 callers, even those using an IP phone
–    Notifying on-site staff in real time when someone has called an emergency number
–    Working alongside the Emergency Location Management feature of NEC’s UCE Manager to administer the Automatic Location Information database

·    Univerge MA4000- UCE Manager
–    Communication servers management
–    Web Browser Operation
–    E-mail and Client Alarm Notification
–    LDAP Authentication and Directory Auto Provisioning Service (DAPS)
–    Windows Authentication
–    Flexible Access Levels (Roles)
–    An Application Program Interface (API & SDK) Security
–    HTTPS Support
–    Audit Trail Logging
–    Customizable Portals
–    A Command Line Interface
–    Integration with UCE Applications Platform (UNIVERGE OW5000)
–    Centralized Authentication Service (NEC CAS)
–    System Health Monitoring
–    Schedulable Range Programming
–    Centralized Software License Management
–    Emergency Location Management (NENA)

·    Microsoft’s Lync Integration
–    Full-featured voice capabilities
–    Open architecture that provides more choices
–    Integrated call control

NEC UC Desktop Suite:
NEC’s UC Desktop Suite is a simplified communication solution that provides a complete mobile and efficient platform for small to medium sized businesses. It offers PC communication management, CRM Integration, Presence, Instant Messaging, Multimedia Softphone, mobility, Quick (Internal) Messaging, Integration with Univerge SV8100 Automatic Call Distributor, Univerge VM8000 InMail, and Univerge UM8000 Voicemail UM8000.