Today’s business climate is about competition. Ensuring lasting customer loyalty takes effective communications. The more efficiently and effectively your organization handles the needs of customers, prospects and suppliers, the greater your organization’s chance of succeeding. There is simply no place for long call holding periods, incorrect routing or lost messages. The consequence could mean a loss of business. Which is precisely why you should consider implementing the EliteMail VMS voice mail system.


With combined function capabilities and automated attendant features, the EliteMail VMS can manage your office’s communication needs accurately, efficiently and courteously.

The sophisticated automated attendant ensures that your calls are answered and routed quickly and efficiently. The system can also place callers on hold, inform the caller how many calls are holding ahead of them, and update this information. And, it can even screen calls and announce the name of the caller, giving you the option of taking the call or sending the call to voice mail.

Many of today’s voice mail systems are so complex and difficult to use, their features are rarely used by callers and employees. Not so with the EliteMail VMS. Callers and employees will find it amazingly easy to work with. Interactive softkeys eliminate the need to memorize access codes, while quickly guiding the user to the desired feature. Users can leave several messages through a single call. With the system’s audiotext feature, users can hear an assortment of pre-recorded announcements which can vary depending on the time of day. For employees, the EliteMail VMS lets them set their mailbox options for up to three personalized greetings to reflect their daily work schedules and messaging priorities.


Unlike many voice mail systems that do not integrate well with your existing telecom infrastructure and therefore become expensive dead-end systems, the EliteMail VMS is digitally linked inside your Electra Elite 48/192 platform. This customized digital integration provides accurate message-taking, reliable message lights and message delivery. It also means the EliteMail VMS is easy to install and maintain.


The last thing your organization can afford is to have incoming callers wait an inordinate amount of time to be routed to their ultimate destination. The EliteMail VMS provides digital integration features with unmatched speed and accuracy. It speeds callers through the system, getting them to their ultimate destination faster than traditional voice mail systems.

The EliteMail VMS enables employees to directly connect to their voice mail to retrieve messages instead of having to access a main voice mail greeting first. These direct connect capabilities ultimately lessen the load on your telephone system. The entire voice messaging process is simplified, enhancing accuracy.


Often, a caller wastes valuable time waiting for a secretary or customer service agent to transfer the call to another employee, who must then repeat the original conversation. With the EliteMail VMS, subscribers can touch a key to activate a live record feature at any time during the phone call. Once a call is concluded, the employee can immediately send the recorded conversation to another mailbox. Live record prevents the misinterpretation of information and simplifies the entire communication process.


Auto Attendant and Call holding offers outside parties reaching a busy station important information about the EliteMail VMS user they are attempting to call. Callers are informed that the called party is busy and the number of other calls waiting. Callers have the option to wait until the called party becomes available or to leave a voice mail message.

Fax detect capabilities are perfect for any organization that relies on the use of fax machines. For example, with the EliteMail VMS, you do not need a separate trunk line or telephone number for incoming faxes. The system simply detects incoming fax tones and automatically routes them to a fax machine.


The EliteMail VMS is simple and compact. A single interface card slides directly into the Electra Elite 48/192 systems, just like other system cards. This unique technology provides digital integration with your telephone system. And upgrading from 2 to 4 ports is easy, requiring only an activation code. Upgrading from 4 to 8 ports involves a simple snap-in DSP module. Best of all, no additional computers or boxes are needed, saving you space and money.