NextCom CoreNexa Cellphone Application



NextCom CoreNexa Soft Phone

Are you or your sales reps usually traveling around to meet clients? Are you having employees working remotely occasionally? Does each and every call to your business counts a lot so you don’t want to miss any of them AT ALL?

In today’s business world clients have easy access to search and make calls for appointments or inquiries instantly. One of the known characteristics of many shoppers is lack of patience. Therefore, if you miss a call, you would miss a business lead, since it is so simple for them to move on with their next available options.

In legacy PBXs there is forward call feature in which you could forward all or busy/not answered calls to another extension or phone number. This feature is available with Hosted PBX systems as well. However, it is still too much of a hassle to turn it on every single time you are moving away from your desk. To make this process easier, NextCom offers Corenexa, an app that turns your cellphone into your mobile office.

NextCom CoreNexa app offers:

  • Simultaneous ringing on both Cell-phone and Deskphone on incoming calls;
  • Your business caller ID on outgoing calls;
  • Accessing voicemails;
  • Conference calls;
  • Company-wide contacts;
  • and extension to extension dialing.

You can download the app for your iOS device from here and for Android device from here.

If you are a currently NextCom client, you are eligible to use the app with your unlimited minutes plan at no extra charge. Please contact your representatives for access information.