Reliable Internet Solutions for Your Business



Read This if Your Internet Is Slow and You Are Looking for a Solution

With most business communications happening over the internet and gradual move of the phone companies towards IP based phone solutions, you will need a reliable internet at a reasonable speed. There was a day that a slow DSL connections could do it; the days you were patiently waiting for a page to load or accepting frequent disconnections. But those days are over. We now need high speed internet and it is so important for many of us that we pay extra bucks for back up internet for the few hours in every year that a media is down due to technical difficulties or vandalism.

High Speed Internet for Your Business

It is interesting to know that there are still so many businesses that run on their old low speed internet, mostly because they have never received upgrades from their internet providers.

At NextCom, we make sure that you are using the best internet service with all necessary upgraded equipment that fits the size of you business.

Don’t be surprised, but there are still locations in the California, that DSL technology is the ONLY service offered by carriers such as AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, etc. To help those who are in these areas, Nextcom has come up with two different solutions:

  1. NextCom Cellular Data Solution: This is per se a temporary solution in case you have internet issues in your building, or you are in a time crunch waiting for circuit delivery. However, we found that this could be a budget friendly secure answer as a back up internet source, as well. We use a combination of 4G LTE cellular service of any partners with good reception in your area along with a router and this has been proved to work great both for data and voice.
  2. If you are looking for a more permanent solution, Nextcom has partnered with Spectrum to deliver circuits in the areas that are not currently equipped with high speed internet services. We will submit a request for circuit delivery and follow up along with Spectrum until they get all city permits and other carriers’ approvals for related construction and delivery of the services. Installations might take some time as the city and other internet providers might get involved; meanwhile we can coordinate to bring our temporary solution at no contract terms.

Having a reliable high speed internet is a necessity of any well performing company. If you feel the need to upgrade your internet service and you avoid dealing with provider’s customer support, let us handle this for you. If you are bound to contracts, but the provider doesn’t fulfill the speed they have promised, they are obliged to cancel the contract. If you decide to upgrade, we will make sure to place orders and follow up with providers construction department to deliver the circuits.

Please give us a call if you need help with your internet services at (310) 360-1000.