What to Know About Analog Phone Lines



What is Analog Line?

Analog line, also referred to as  POTS Line (Plain Old Telephone Service), is a single copper cable that supports standard phone, fax machine, credit card machine, alarm line, and modem. In this technology, an audio signal (for example the human voice) is received and translated into electronic pulses. 

Analog Lines Issues

  • Quality of the Calls Troubles: Dropped Calls and Static Noises

Many of you might be using analog lines for your voice connectivity. A common reported issue is the quality of calls on these lines. As the telecom technology advances , cities and phone carriers do not spend money and resources to maintain the copper lines aka older technology, and as a result, the number of complaints from clients with older phone systems using analog lines are increasing every day. Troubleshooting costs in these cases are high and we recommend considering to upgrade phone system to use better and more reliable technology, rather than spending exorbitant amount of money on an old system and technology.

  • Expensive Monthly Service Costs

Big carriers like AT&T and Frontier, who are still providing POTS lines, are charging clients up to $130 per line depending on the terms of contract. If you have been with a carrier for a very long time, the chances of getting over charged is very high. Sometimes, when the contract terms are fulfilled, they start to charge double and triple the amount without prior notifications and even if you catch this, you have to handle the headache of contacting customer support (Raise your hands if you have waited on the phone with AT&T support and been transferred multiple times with no ultimate satisfactory result). As a result, it is very important to monitor your bills every month to make sure they are not increasing your rates.
Also don’t forget: Switching to more advanced technologies such as Voice Over IP -VoIP- is always a more redundant, high quality and inexpensive option.

Friendly Reminder:

If you are using analog line for your alarm company, the chances are high that you are paying big bucks for that line. In recent years, alarm companies such as ADT have been offering a wireless device, which doesn’t need an analog line and you will be paying the alarm company a very little money for that connection. Call your alarm company today and cancel your analog line right away!

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