Our Response to COVID-19 Crisis



We Are Here to Support Our Customers, Partners and Employees.

During the past month we have been working closely with our clients and partnering businesses to help them get through this time of crisis.

Nextcom team is currently working to facilitate its clients with non essential businesses to work from home, providing different means of home office communications & mobility options. CoreNexa Mobile Application is one of the most favorite ways our client’s employees are taking home their phone. For a very little monthly cost, you can receive all your phone calls and make business calls with your business caller ID, transfer calls to other team members, listen to your voicemails and basically perform any other application you do on your desk-phones right through CoreNexa app on your smart phones. We also offer CoreNexa UC Client browser phone app, in which you can login through your laptop or personal computers and use it to make and receive phone calls, monitor your team member presence, transfer, 4-way video calls, share screen and, etc.

We are also helping our essential business clients to stay on top of their day to day telecom needs, with respect to social distancing and protective measures ordered by Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last but no least, during this time we continue to provide consultation to help you reduce your phone and internet bills. No matter you are temporarily closed, working from home or still working full time, there are chances that you are paying your phone company more than market price, simply because you have been with them for a long time and never considered getting price from any other provider. This is a good time for you to evaluate market prices and come up with a short and long term saving plan on your communication bills.

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