Copper Lines Are Retired by FCC. What Does This Mean to You?



As of August 2, 2022 Federal Communications Commission Agency knows as FCC removed the mandate for phone carriers to maintain copper lines. This means the POTS lines are gone and newer technology must be deployed.

This is a bad news for those who prefer using copper lines because they believe it is a secure way of connection in cases of power outage and compared to more recent technologies which uses internet. Many people still use pots lines for their fire alarms, elevator lines, security system, faxes and not to forget phone PBXs.

Although these notions are not very wrong, but we shouldn’t forget that -prior to August 2- if a copper line was being damaged, it meant disconnection for month(s) at a time. After August 2nd era you are required use the alternative options. Analog lines were expensive to maintain and repair was extremely inefficient.

Now what does this mean to you if you are still using analog lines?

You will pay more on your lines

Before this rule goes into effect, people were paying between $50 to $120 per pots line every month. While these are the prices from the past, it will increase on your monthly bill.

No more repair, nor maintenance

While I had seen this in the past mostly for PBX analog lines, where users were having audio issues, phone carriers would step in and change the equipment to bring in the newer technology. If customers refused the change of technology, they should have either dealt with the noise, chirping, drop calls, etc. and they could pursuit this legally. Not anymore.

Change is always difficult. However, at least this one is for good. There is always ways to avoid staying disconnected for long. while internet companies try to keep their downtime as low as possible, the disconnection is not inevitable. You always can go for back up options. Many providers, such as Cox, ATT and Spectrum offer back up wireless connection for lowest market price. If your provider is not any of the mentioned companies, you can get wireless connection from other providers that your address is falling under such as Verizon, or T-mobile 4G 5G services.

The best way to proceed is to get consulting from someone that has experience in this field. VoIP systems have lower costs of replacement, maintenance and are easy to deploy and use. with added failover options, you don’t need to worry about not getting calls in cases of power outages or internet outages. If you are still in doubt, call or email us and get help for making a decision.