Why My Number is Marked as Spam?


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Since last year when FCC increased restrictions to fight back with automatic telemarketers, spam callers and fraudulent calls, many people started to face another issue. Receiving important calls that are marked as spam, spam likely, telemarketer, and spam risk -by mistake- is a common problem that needs to be reported to the caller for their further consideration.

One of the possible reasons is spoofing ” Read this link and watch the video”. Spoofing is when a caller abuses a DID to mask their real caller ID to avoid being tracked back. It is not possible to identify if a number is spoofed. If you have received a call that you think is spoofed or you believe that your number have been spoofed, file a complaint with FCC here –> https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=39744

Another reason for your number being marked as SPAM is because it is falsely flagged. If you ever receive a report of one of your calls being marked as spam, you need to report it to the carriers and data base providers. It is important for you to know the recipient carrier is the one that is in charge of showing caller ID. So, if you are calling a friend that is using AT&T and your number is with Verizon and your caller ID is marked SPAM, you need to report this to AT&T. Here is a list of different carriers contacts for this purpose:

The following are analytic providers that you can report the issue to them for unflagging.

  • First Orion: 
  • TNS: TNS provides a portal on its website for identifying inaccuracies, through its robocall feedback website, reportarobocall.com/trf, and it allows companies to subscribe to alerts to inform them when the number is classified as a spammer, spoofer, scammer, or robocaller.
  • Hiya: Contact via website: hiyahelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
    Hiya provides a service for legitimate businesses to register, through connect.hiya.com
  • Free Caller Registry: (First Orion, Hiya, and TNS) This free portal helps entities reach the analytics companies that support the major wireless carriers in the US.

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