Why Is POTS Replacement Necessary and What is Magical About the August 2, 2022 date?



In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved Forbearance Order 19-72A1, allowing telecom carriers to phase out the deteriorating copper POTS lines. Additionally, providers aren’t obligated to maintain POTS lines or offer the service. As a result, companies that continue to use the older lines will experience higher maintenance costs and decreased functionality as the copper hardware continues to degrade.

Order 19-72AI hastens the transition to IP-based solutions, which are considered future-proof. They also offer improved speed and flexibility than the traditional POTS infrastructure.

Will all analog or copper-based POTS services will be discontinued on August 2, 2022?
On August 2, 2019, the FCC issued Forbearance Order 19-72A1, which officially granted telecommunications carriers permission to retire outdated, degraded copper POTS lines. This order effectively severed the final ties that required companies to maintain a specific standard of traditional POTS connectivity. While the FCC does want to encourage the retirement of outdated analog services, they have not ordered the carriers to terminate these services on this date.

Is it true that all POTS lines must be replaced by August 2, 2022?
No. However, the FCC (via Forbearance) removed price caps on POTS lines, resulting in significant price increases. Price increases are expected to continue, and this is expected to encourage and facilitate the ongoing technology transition to advanced communications services over next generation IP-based and landline and cellular services.